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Information on the Process of Tender


Knowing about tender process is absolutely crucial for those who wish to get into procurement management. This is because, procurement contracts are made based on the tender process. Let’s focus more on how a tender process usually works in short.

  1. Request –The first of tender process is to send a request. The request is sent online in order for everyone to see and maintain transparency. In the earlier days, the request was sent on local newspapers however, transparency was an issue those days.
  2. Being Fair –The tender process is usually carried out for large projects to ensure everything is fair and gets equal opportunities. In order to maintain transparency, everything is viewed by the public. This type of format is usually seen in government-based companies.
  3. Respond – Companies who are interested in supplying the goods then respond to the tender with the help of an offer. When it comes to responding, certain process needs to be followed strictly in a detail manner. Any business who fails to respond are automatically disbarred from the contention.
  4. Selection – The offers from the businesses are carefully checked and then finally selected. The selection is done by letting the public know about the company along with the price of the goods, services, terms, conditions to ensure transparency. After that, contracts are made and then signed in order for the procurement procedure to start.

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