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Cleaning Tips for Plants


Many people do not realize the fact that indoor plants do require cleaning. Although, indoor plants do not require constant cleaning, the fact is that plants have pores. These pores are known to become clogged which makes it difficult for the plants daily function to run smoothly such as breathing and making food. Along with this, plants are a good source of attracting mites, insects and scales known to be present on the surface of the plants leaves. These are a few tips that will help to keep your plant clean.

  1. Identify the Type of Plant – Houseplants are different and require different type of maintenance when it comes to cleaning. For instance; if you have a firm plant, then using a soft or baby sponge to clean the plant will do the trick. Avoid using course like sponges that may only damage the plant while cleaning.
  2. Avoid Using Stupid Products – Some homeowners are under the impression of using things such as milk or oil to clean the houseplants. However, using milk or any kind of oil has negative effect which only leads to the formation of pores. A helpful tip; if you have dry plant, then you can clean it by using non-detergent soap to give it a shine.
  3. Use Cosmetic Product – Cosmetic products such as soft brush helps in cleaning plants with hairy leaves. If you wish to clean your plant on a daily basis, then you may consider using a child brush or feather duster to remove the dist.

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