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Distinguish Between Commercial Contractor and Residential Contractor

There are many differences between the commercial and residential contractors. Most of these vendors are building steel and concrete structures. Most of the buildings in the country have a wooden structure.

Mechanical systems common in the enterprise space is very complicated because of the size of their buildings. Electrical and plumbing systems are also complex in a company set up. Many of the corporate structure require sprinklers and fireproofing, but not ‘all architecture’ (which is also known as ‘alt arkitektur’ in the Norwegian language).

Help from subcontractors

From the perspective of the size of the project, the level of housing construction is much lower. Projects can range from an entire renovation into a kitchen or bathroom add-on structure. Although a smaller scale this work still requires a lot of professional experience. Many commercial contractors subcontract to third parties if they have a tight schedule. These large contractors get the job done but under their name.

Follow protocol

The contractor should be able to understand the nature of the work involved in the project a completely different company. The projects the city must follow a certain protocol, and each project has its permission. Make sure that your commercial contractors to follow this procedure; if not, you may end up paying a large amount of fines. The goal is to make the whole project as smooth as possible.