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The Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air ducts are hollow tubes rectangular, round or square; they're generally manufactured from sheet metal. They are responsible for hauling heated or cool atmosphere around a construction. The ducts normally form part of a buildings air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Cleaning air ducts ought to be part of your house maintenance system. Dirt may cause them to crack down entirely and replacing the machine will be costly. If you would like to purchase Spare Parts Air Compressor then you may check out Consumable parts website.

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There are lots of advantages related to cleaning your air ducts. This is just one of these; based on this United States Environmental Protection Agency the elimination of as few as four-tenths of an inch of dust in the coils of an air duct will reduce the use of electricity by up to 21 percent.

Duct cleaning is vital to keeping healthy air in a building. Toxins, dust, mold, rodent droppings, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens are generally seen in air ducts when being washed.


Before cleaning the ducts protect every heating vent using a plastic tote. The bag acts as a safety mechanism out of any dust generated through the process of cleaning; it also gives the means to choose whether the duct cleaning system has appropriate suction.


A tiny hole is drilled to the furnace, and a brush with a long handle is used to push the ducts and then disengage any residual debris. There are numerous things that may make their way to an air duct, so this induces congestion that impacts the productivity of these systems heating and cooling.