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How we can achieve Augmented Reality (AR) in mobile app development?

Here are a few of the tools which will allow you to attain AR in mobile application development:

1) LayAR

LayAR is a significant instrument in mobile application development provided that it supports mapping of additional things on user's place and graphics. Every one of the frameworks is made up of information on particular social networking users along with different regions.

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2) ARToolKit

ARToolKit is a blend of software tools which are important in the design of all AR mobile program development. Among the most significant benefits of the tool is that it supports different platforms like Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, SGI, Android, and iOS.

3) Wikitude

This tool is specially geared towards the Android and iOS platforms, and it could nevertheless be incorporated into other modules, particularly as a plug-in for Phone Gap. What is more, its own supports motto programming languages in addition to other applications designs kits like the SLAM markerless tracking?

4) Vuforia

This is an entire software design tool that's utilized for its AR mobile program development. The system supports 2D and 3D communication, mapping, goal tracking, and virtual switches, which can be done via the OpenGL.

5) Kudan AR

The Kudan AR functionalities are included in markerless tracking. This means that rather than relying upon fiducial marks, it includes natural features like textures, edges, and corners.