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Safety Tips While Removing Asbestos

Removing the asbestos material requires professionals. These professionals have valid license approved by the government before the work is carried out. Trying to remove asbestos by yourself must be avoided at all times because of being capable of affecting an individual with life-threatening diseases. But, there are times where you may have to take care of the things all by yourself. These are a few tips to remove asbestos by yourself.

  1. Always Wear Protection Equipment – Before starting the work of removing asbestos, it is eminent to wear safety equipment. This includes face masks, gloves, shoes, hair net etc.
  2. Avoid Using High Power Tools – Asbestos is capable of getting crumbled easily even with a small touch. Make sure you use tools such as hammer or screw during the removal of asbestos and nothing such as drills that are run on electricity. Using such powerful tools will only result in life-threatening diseases.
  3. Avoid Eating or Drinking – During the removal of asbestos, it is important not to eat, smoke and drink water. As mentioned earlier, asbestos when crumbled gets mixed with the atmosphere easily making it harder to see and easier to enter our immune system.
  4. Avoid Using a Broom or Scrubbing or Blasting with Water – Majority of countries consider illegal when the asbestos material comes in contact with water. Scrubbing also is considered as illegal due to being hazardous.

Follow these tips when it comes to removal of asbestos in Newcastle and other parts of Australia.