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How Do I Immigrate to Australia?

There are a number of ways to permanently immigrate to Australia. There are a number of different visas that you can apply for.


Employer-Sponsored Workers Visa

People with specific skills can work in Australia by being sponsored by an Australia or overseas employer. You can contact best immigration adviser to know more about immigration to Australia.

Professionals and other Skilled Migrant Visa

This is a non-sponsored visa program applies to people who have special skills required by Australia

Visa Business People

Australian visa for business visits-purpose. It is for people to create, manage or develop a new or existing business in Australia. This also applies to invest in Australia.

Specialist Entry Visa

A visa for people to participate in professional activities, cultural, social or special research.

Doctors and Nurses Visa

There are visas available for Doctors and Nurses who want to immigrate to Australia.

Regional Work Visa

There are various options available as Australia's immigration visa want skilled migrants to live and work in areas outside of major cities in Australia.

Skills Expo Worldwide

Due to Australia's skills shortage, exhibitions are held around the world. Skilled workers can register to attend the expo in their territories to meet with employers and state and territory in Australia working.

Air and Sea crew visa opportunities

There is a choice of visa and entry requirements for air and sea crew came to Australia.