12 Container House

12 Container House Shipping Container house by Adam Kalkin

When you first start to research shipping container houses it’s very likely that you stumble upon the works of Adam Kalkin. The New Jersey artist and architect has made containers signature and his creations certainly spark the imagination.

The 12 container house in Brooklin, Maine is used as a summer and vacation home. It consists of twelve shipping containers stacked i two stories in the shape of a T. They form the outer walls and is completed by a steel and glass construction that form the big living area in the center of the building. The lower container levels houses living-dining areas and a kitchen while the upper levels contain private bedrooms.

My guess that the image of the kitchen shown bellow in the galley fueled a lot of container dreams. We like the shear size of the structure. Who can say no to such gigantic doors?!


Photo credit: Peter Aaron/Esto

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